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Benefits of Advertising with The
Cannabis Connections®

Reaching Cannabis Users and Cannabis Friendly individuals is a challenge. The Cannabis Connections® solves this challenge! We are a one stop place online for people interested in connecting with other cannabis users and cannabis products/services. We feature 420 friendly online dating, a 420 social site, cannabis communities, marijuana trending news, entertainment, and featured businesses for recreational and medical marijuana users.

Sponsorship Opportunities


Smoke Shops

Everyone needs to know where they can find the closest smoke shop. If you are the owner of such a retail location then be sure to create a free listing that will let the local 420 community know where to find you.

Cannabis Growth & Cultivation

Growing marijuana can be a challenging process and there is a good chance that you have spent considerable amounts of time perfecting your growing techniques. Now all you need is customers willing to buy your product. The Cannabis Connections® lets you connect with cannabis users in your local community and also with other businesses in the industry.


If you are serving up Cannabis infused coffee, marijuana laced soda or even liquid shots of the drug then you can create a listing in our beverages category and start getting your name out there in the local 420 community.


Edibles are always a huge hit in the 420 Community. Whether you have created Cannabis Cookies, Marijuana Candy or Weed infused Oatmeal - The Cannabis Connections® community will be eager to sample your goods, so be sure to let them know where to find your treats.

Live Resin/Concentrated Cannabis

With a growing number of people getting into both medical and recreational use of marijuana, there are always people looking for new methods of consumption aside from the traditional smoking. Live resin and cannabis concentrate are increasingly popular.

Complimentary Cannabis Products (Paraphernalia, Vapor Pens, Etc.)

Individuals who are part of the 420 community are not only looking to buy marijuana. They will also want various additional accessories and complimentary products. If you are selling the likes of Vapor Pens.

Marijuana Doctor(s)

Cannabis users are always in need of 420 friendly doctors, but they can be fairly difficult to locate. Not any longer! List your marijuana friendly health center or medical practice with The Cannabis Connections® and help local members of the community find the right health care professional to meet their needs.


Cannabis culture goes far beyond just smoking or otherwise consuming marijuana. It is an entire way of life. Like any other culture, art plays a huge role. Marijuana oriented artists can connect with others within the community at The Cannabis Connections®.

Community Organization

As the Cannabis industry continues to expand, there are more and more opportunities in the community. This has given rise to a number of community organizations. Let other businesses know about local community initiatives and organizations via The Cannabis Connections®.

Public Figure

Marijuana is going mainstream and a growing number of public figures are stepping up to the plate to promote the benefits of cannabis. There are also important figures emerging within the cannabis community itself. The Cannabis Connections® is a great place for public figures to interact with others in the community.

Media Company

Marketing a Cannabis related business or service can be tricky. Even if a regular media company is happy to take you on, there is a good chance that they are not knowledgeable enough about the 420 lifestyle to do your campaign justice. Marijuana friendly media companies have a greater understanding of your needs.


Non-Profit groups within the marijuana have been becoming increasingly more popular. It is a chance to support those in the culture or the industry. Get the word out and let the community know about your services.

Pharmaceuticals/Medical Marijuana

Marijuana dispensaries and other businesses relating to medical marijuana use are in increasingly high demand. There is also a growing level of competition. Make your service one of the most visible by advertising directly to the 420 community in your area.

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